Hacking for humanity.

We call it Estreet but it is commonly referred to as passion, purpose or deep meaning. It's a challenging path to think outside of ones known "universe". This site is a place to help provide tools and different frameworks to help in becoming the best version of yourself possible.

To the mind that's still the whole universe surrenders.


The best hacks for maintaining energy and sovereignty & becoming your better self.

Emotional Mastery

Emotions are key in self mastery. Being aware of them and learning how to deal with them as they arrive helps us in maintaining our sovereignty.

Energy & Recovery

Maintaining your energy throughout the day is vital. This section helps to bring awareness to key areas and ways to stay energized.

Expressing Authentically

When you align with your authentic self, you enable your best work. We all have a unique voice and must trust in expressing this to the world.

Entrepreneurship: Tools & Resources

Anything that might help with your entrepreneurial or self development. Templates, useful software and other interesting tools.

Evolution: Companies of the Future

A list of companies that are striving to create change in the world and how they are going about it so that we can follow in their steps.

Education: A New Type of Leadership

The latest on leadership, what makes a leader great and ways to personally become a better leader in business today.